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Eriks Scimitar Site
Dutch based site about Scimitars and other other Reliant built cars. In English en in het Nederlands. With info about the Dutch RSSOC-NL (Scimitar club), my cars, your cars and the cars through time.
Leicestershire Noggin of RSSOC
Website for the Leicestershire noggin of the RSSOC
Tony & Jaki's Sabre Six's (and Scimitars)
We have owned 9 Scimitars and Sabres since 1978. We are currently lucky enough to own a superb 1964 Sabre Six GT and one of the only two Sabre Six convertibles. This site recounts some of our experiences with the cars over those years.
Andy Faulkner's website
I have posted some photos of my scimitars and other stuff I work on. The object is to record the mods and maintenance plus a few of the finished articles. At the time of writing (Sept. 07) it is a work-in-progress.
RSSOC Competition Archive
Archive of sprint meetings. If any missing send me the results sheets.
Just a small site logging the progress i make with my Scimitar se6a
Sporting Reliants
Dave Poole's "Sporting Reliants" website covers all the cars from 1960's to 1990's including some of the prototypes. Many galleries including Owners Cars, Motorsports, Famous Owners and much much more!
Links to Scimitar resources, GTC & SE5a ownership experiences, Home of the High Peak Noggin
Pauls reliant scimitar site
A website dedicated to the restoration of my SE5a
Rob's Reliant Scimitar Site
A bilingual site (english & german) about Reliant Sports Cars, showing the history of Reliant, the prototypes, a brochure archive and a few aother gadgets. Also a 1000 Miglia photo archive.
Here is my website dedicated to my Scimitar
Jef Neefs' Sabra website in Belgian and in English
Information about Reliant Scimitars in Victoria, Australia. Provides a contact point for current and prospective owners. Provides Australian owners and others with photo galleries of their cars.

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